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Green Smoothies

October 9, 2012

One of the downsides of my job (I work for Macy’s, selling their gourmet food and also doing kitchen prep work in their Marketplace Deli) is that I work weekends.  And I work six days each week (okay, that’s two downsides).  On the flip side, however, is that my day off is generally one that I get to spend in a quiet house, all by myself.  With five kids and a busy job, most of my life is loud, fast paced, adrenaline producing, so my day off at home, all to myself, feels indulgent and almost (but not quite) like a guilty pleasure.

One of the ways I’m recharging today is by adding green smoothies back into my diet again.  Green smoothies are a simple and easy way to increase your fruit and veggie intake for the day.  I first got started drinking smoothies when a blogger I follow threw down a month-long green smoothie challenge.

Through some trial and error, I’ve learned that really the only greens I like much of in a smoothie are spinach and chard.  They have a naturally sweet taste which complements the taste of the fruit nicely, while other greens (kale, romaine, etc) just taste like blender salad to me.

I’ve also learned that I don’t like to add a lot of fruit in my smoothie.  Adding too much fruit (or using juice, instead of water, to blend) can add a lot of extra sugar to your diet.  And the point of a green smoothie is to be healthier, right? The smoothie I made for myself today has a six ounce package of spinach, one banana, and a good sized handful of red grapes  – with enough water added into to make it all blend together well.This made a blenderful – enough to have one big glass now and another one later today, or tomorrow with breakfast.

Here’s a great video to help you get started —

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