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Recipe Storage Genius-ness

October 2, 2012


We’ve kept a family recipe binder for years – a three ring binder filled with our most used recipes.  They’re stored inside plastic sheet protectors and grouped by categories. I liked that the binder made it quicker for me (and the kids) to find our favorite recipes, and that they were easy to wipe off and keep clean.

As with most things in my life, though, when I went back to school four years ago, maintaining the recipe binder fell by the wayside.  This summer, when I finally realized just now neglected it was, I saw that the pages were covered with sticky, caked-on mess. Yuck. And many of the recipes in our binder were things that we hadn’t even eaten in the last least four years — certainly not since our family started paying attention to gluten, corn and sugar content!

What we’ve done since then is nothing short of pure genius. Maybe a little short, but it has certainly been making my life easier!  After taking out about half of the recipes because they no longer suited our tastes or needs, I had one of the girls scrub the pages down.  Better.

Next, I moved all of my assorted ‘try this’ bookmarked recipes, which I had stored on a few hard drives and assorted bookmarking websites around the internets – kind of the virtual version of clipping out recipes and stuffing them into a recipe box, thinking that I will someday deal with them? – to Pinterest.  I’d had an account for a while, but hadn’t really felt a need to use it (I know, I know …).  Recipes that are something that I’d like to try get pinned to my “need to make this” board.  After we make them, they either get deleted (if we didn’t like it) or moved to the “bonny cooks” board.  I also print out a paper copy to add to our recipe binder.

I love that this time around, my kids are playing a more active role in how and what we cook and what goes into the binder.  One of the reasons I started a recipe binder in the first place was so they could easily locate our favorites when they wanted to suggest something for a menu plan or cook something themselves.  Finally, now, that’s happening.

See, pure genius, right?

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