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Pork Done a Bunch of Different Ways

October 13, 2011

As a busy, working parent of five kids, I LOVE to cook, but it seems like I rarely have the time to “play kitchen” these days.  Everything is all about making every second (and dollar) count!  It’s no secret the grocery prices are on the rise (is there anything whose price isn’t on the rise?) so I’m extra happy when I can make great meals out of inexpensive ingredients.

Our family eats a lot of pork. My husband is the grocery shopper in the family, and he often gets pork packs at the local grocery store (usually a roast, some chops and some country style ribs) for a really great deal.  It’s usually up to me, then, to figure out what to do with it.

Here’s some of my creative go-to recipes for pork:

Pulled Pork – I get asked for this recipe every time I make it.  And it’s the easiest thing ever!  It freezes really well after it’s been cooked, but the thing I love most about it is that you can revamp it into an entirely different meal, so you’re really not even eating leftovers of this.

Pork Taquitos – I use this recipe as a guide, but I use pulled pork leftovers with the other ingredients and let it cook a while on the stove top or in the crock pot for a couple of hours.  Prepare the taquitos as shown in the recipe.  My kids LOVE these.

Shredded Pork Tacos – same pulled pork leftovers, mixed with a packet or two of taco seasoning.  Great with tortillas or over brown rice.

Pork Gyros –  This is another great slow cooker recipe that goes over well here. The gyro leftovers are mild enough that they can easily be remade into taquitos or tacos, too.

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