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Lemonade For Haiti

June 28, 2011

“Find a way to make money doing something that you love.” 

My girls had a lemonade stand last week.  They wanted to raise money for their VBS offering, which went toward purchasing clothes to send to kids in Haiti (hand delivered by my husband and oldest daughter in just a few weeks, actually).  My girls first attempt at raising funds was to ask me if I had any extra chores for them.  {insert maniacal laughter}  I have five kids. I work.  I’m a college student. Of course there are extra chores.  However … I don’t generally hire out to have the windows washed or the grout scrubbed, or any of those other “extras” that I’d love to get done regularly but just don’t have the time to do.

I had a better idea.

My eight year old twin girls are phenomenal at selling.  Selling anything.  Last summer they were very successful sitting at the end of the driveway selling cups of water that they’d filled up from the garden hose.  They went door to door this winter, shovels slung over their shoulder, soliciting shoveling jobs in the neighborhood.  They averaged more than I do at my day job.  Reminding them of their previous sales experience, I suggested a lemonade stand.  As an afterthought, I told them they could also sell the leftover cupcakes taking residence on the kitchen counter (we’d made chocolate cupcakes for Father’s Day the previous day, and vanilla cupcakes with blackberry cream frosting that morning for the VBS staff).

They sold a little lemonade … and a lot of cupcakes.  In just a few days,  they totally around 10 dozen cupcakes sold.  It was a winning combination –  I can bake; they can sell.  They are very excited for their dad and sister to take another trip to Haiti this summer, and even more excited to be directly involved with it.

Thank you to everyone who generously supported “Team Clark” last week.  The cupcakes you purchased from my girls made a huge impact on their little hearts, and will hopefully make an impact in Haiti next month, too.


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